MGeocoder: Google Maps API Extension for Geocoding

The Google Maps API lacks a Geocoder. This extension integrates free geocoders (for non-commercial use) directly into Google Maps.

Click the "Geocode" button in the map above to search for US addresses, or International cities.

How: Adding a geocoder to your Google Map is as simple as the following Javascript.

For version 1..

<script src="mgeocoder.js"></script>
map = new GMap(document.getElementById("map"));
geocoder = new MGeocoder();
..and version 2..
<script src="mgeocoder.2.js"></script>
map = new GMap2(document.getElementById("map"));
map.addControl(new MGeocoder());

Download: A proxy is required to work around browser security. A simple proxy in php is available here. Rename to proxy.php and place in the same directory as your GMap application. The javascript GMaps v1, and GMaps v2.

License: Use of the MGeocoder class requires compliance with Terms of Use of and Check with these services before deploying MGeocoder!

Contact: I am reachable at [mikel_maron yahoo com]. My weblog.

Todos (help welcome!):