MGeoRSS: Google Maps API Extension for GeoRSS

Update! Google Maps now supports GeoRSS natively!

(Use MGeoRSS if your feeds are private or behind a firewall)

GeoRSS is the easiest and most effective way to share and build maps. GeoRSS is supported by Yahoo!, worldKit, and many others, and is on its way to standardization. Wouldn't it be great if Google joined up and supported a common way to communicate place on the web? How 'bout it Google?

This extension integrates basic GeoRSS support directly into Google Maps. This work is public domain.

How: Adding GeoRSS to your Google Map is as simple as the following Javascript.
Omit the second argument to MGeoRSS.load if the GeoRSS file is on your local server.

<script src="mgeorss.js"></script>
map = new GMap(document.getElementById("map"));
georss = new MGeoRSS();
georss.load("", "");

Download: A proxy is required to work around browser security and load remote GeoRSS files. A simple proxy in perl or php is available. Rename to and place in the same directory as your GMap application. The javascript is mgeorss.js

Contact: I am reachable at [mikel_maron yahoo com]. My weblog.


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