Google Earth Touring

This site facilitates collaborative, realtime exploration of Google Earth. As the "tour guide" navigates, "tourists" will automatically follow along.

Join a tour below by clicking the link. You'll be prompted to load a KML document into Google Earth. Or start a tour by choosing a name, and following the short instruction on the next page. For best results, open IM or chat with your tour group.

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How does it work?

The web interface generates KML files, which are loaded into Google Earth and create Network Links. The tour guide has a "View Based Refresh" Network Link, which sends the bounding box of the current view to the specified URL whenever the camera stops. That position is stored. Tourists receive a "Time Based Refresh" Network Link, which requests every 10 seconds and receives the last stored position of the guide.

Right now only location and altitude are transmitted. A future release of Google Earth may enable tilt and rotation. Integrated chat would be nice as well.

From an idea by Dan Brickley, implemented by Mikel Maron.