MIDI – Flash
Create a framework where detailed data from a MIDI stream can be assigned to graphic elements in a visualization. So, each note, velocity, duration, etc. is accessible to the visualization. This would primarily be useful for “live” electronic music performances. I believe this level of detail could create some especially wonderful audio-video mappings.

No doubt some software, or set of softwares, has this functionality (I’d be interested to hear which). So, to do something different, I plan to code the framework so that MIDI events are accessible from Flash MX animations.

In order for Flash to receive MIDI data, in Flash I would use the XMLSocket interface. This is the only way to receive an external stream.

So, I’d code a small .exe proxy, to receive MIDI In (configurable and filterable), and send a lightweight XML stream to a socket. Depending on efficiency of Flash, the XML could be little more than , or it could break the MIDI down into its parts.

Within Flash, there would be a component to register callbacks to classes of MIDI events. These callbacks could then manipulate some part of the animation.