would be interesting to use js remoting in myRadio, auto-update of components

rss1/2 trackback module sweet, how to incorporate this in radio? could use the rcs to gather trackbacks, radio clients then periodically pull down the data. guess the clients could receive them as well, if they were online. also other protocols could be used (im, email) to support systems without http presence.

my note to aggregators
That’s a very cool possibility.
That proposal was written in April – I wonder what it’s status is now,
since MSoft/IBM/BEA combined efforts on WSFL and XLANG into BPEL4WS,
WS-Coordination, WS-Transaction [1]. WSXL is at the top of the “Web
Services” Stack, above WSFL/XLANG at the time of this article. And now
the move to unify the OASIS standards with these, at the W3C [2].

I apologize for the rash of acronyms, it’s the nature of the beast. I
still don’t have a clear picture on what everything is supposed to do,
and I suppose the major players don’t either. It doesn’t look like any
concrete proposals will be released for at least a year, but at least
they’re coming together? (and you thought RSS was complicated)

Why is this important to aggregators? I see aggregators as the
consumer and execution client of web applications defined in WSXL (or
whatever). Think Watson [3], with plugins defined by WSXL
implementations. Aggregators as the framework for collecting
distributed content and executing distributed applications.

I really liked what I saw Justin point to, Apache Cacoon [4]. It’s an
actual working implementation of an XML application language. Well,
it’s only running in Apache Jakarta, and I don’t know enough to say if
its really suitable as a standard to implement on other platforms. One
nice point, it doesn’t specify SOAP exclusively for messaging: can
read files, grab html, connect to databases.