in 50 years, after 99% of the worlds forests have been cleared by hungry people, fleeing the rising oceans, something will need to be done.
here’s what i propose
nanobots, using harvested dna genomes and proteomes, assemble gardens and entire ecosystems, using a swarmed, parallel algorithm of emergent growth, based heavily on the chemical and behavioral interactions of natural systems.
seed a vacant lot with some nanobots, add water, grow a japanese tea garden. should be easy!

memigo : mining the web
This is cool, a news recommendation engine, based on collaborative filtering (ala Amazon’s recommendations).
I want to keep using Radio though. It would be cool if:

  • the News Aggregator kept track of click-throughs/ratings on news stories
  • this tracking was uploaded to the recommendation service once a day (via REST or xmlrpc)
  • the recommendation service catalogs, analyses, etc.
  • News Aggregators could periodically pull down recommendations, as an RSS feed perhaps

Iraq History and Culture from Noah to Present: "762 AD: As capital of the caliphate, Baghdad was also to become the cultural capital of the Islamic world. Baghdad became a center of power in the world, where Arab and Persian cultures mingled to produce a blaze of philosophical, scientific, and literary glory."

Important to remember the amazing history of this region, not just Evil, but the cradle of civilization. Early Baghdad sounds great.

Treesit Blog
By Remedy an activist who has been sitting 150 feet up an ancient Redwood in Freshwater, California. She has been in her tree Jerry for over 8 months as part of a community’s protest to save their forests and watershed. She uses Debian GNU/Linux on her laptop and a 5 mile 802.11b wireless link to get online.

Now we see the tech really get some use!

There’s a small update to YGroups.root

Pleas download and install this update, if you’re using the Yahoo Groups module in myRadio.

This fixes a bug in the edit menu.
Soon, this module will be included in the main myRadio.root, so updates will flow automatically.