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Problems with HTML.

David Heller: HTML’s Time is Over. Let’s Move On. [Scripting News]

This is an excellent, excellent essay with LOTS of great feedback.  My gut has been confirmed – HTML has a LOT of problems and Flash ain’t the solution.

[Marc’s Voice]

Yes, cool discussion of the technologies … but still no clear direction. Exciting and frustrating at the same time.


Application Thoughts #2

RSS for Event Listings

There are stirrings about using RSS namespaces for application oriented data, particularly Classifieds.
I think Event Listings is another natural application.

Keeping on top of events

Application Thoughts #3

DMOZ for topic exchange

NewsQuake — 9/11 — shuttle — science of media — analyse transmission, stages of news


Application Thoughts #1
A series of three ideas rattling around in my brain

Simple Web Application Design for Non-Techies

The lecturer for my Ecology classes brought in a notebook, in which sutdents from multiple classes were to sign up for Work Days on one of serveral Restoration Projects, for extra credit. Each Work Day has space for 20 students, there’s a sheet of paper giving directions to the location, and a form for entering contact info.

And I wonder, is there a toolset which would allow him to build this sign up notebook as a web application?? The most notable advantage would be the paper conservation, which he lamented a couple times.

For this, he needs to design the form, assign constraints to the fields, assign actions to the fields (for example, the app could reference a student database with all the contact info), save the data to a database, perhaps interact with a grading application, send out reminders about the upcoming work day…

A days work for a web developer? Perhaps there is are classes of applications, like this one, which are primed for incorporation in a Wizard like environment? I wonder if application framework (from MS, or BEA, or PeopleSoft) supports this sort of thing?


If you’re going to participate in the Second Law of Thermodynamics, please convert high quality energy into low quality energy for maximum enjoyment.

I am listing to the Roni Size album now, I think it qualifies.


Kurt Vonnegut would be delighted. The bizarre relationship between the new chairman of the 9/11 Commission and al Queda. Was it possible to get a worse choice than Henry Kissinger? Guess they’re trying.

One link in this twisted relationship is Hess Oil. My grandmother was friends with the Hess folks, from back in Asbury Park, NJ .. so I received a couple shiny Hess Toy trucks as Hanukah presents.

I’d like to see some helpful diagrams for the Bush Administration, ala They Rule — something to keep straight the relationship between Enron, Dick Cheney, and Halburton, Hess Oil and Wesson Oil.

Oy vey. And for further paranoia, here’s an account of the crowd counting lies from the protests the other week.


A Load of Links :: Ecology
Here’s a core dump of my ecology bookmarks, on projects in the EU and projects related to my study at CCSF


In These Times | Kurt Vonnegut vs. the !&#*!@

"Based on what you’ve read and seen in the media, what is not being said in the mainstream press about President Bush’s policies and the impending war in Iraq?

That they are nonsense."


astralwerks records : on tour

Röyksopp :: March 6th San Francisco :: at Bimbo’s, the best venue in town

Wonder how they’ll translate their warm-cold codeine tempo sound to live performace…


Where’s were-here?

The were-here forums is where I learned the ropes of Flash programming. Now I have a question for them, but they’ve been down for days (or more).

The question comes from eating raviolis with Marc, Mike, and Danny last weekend.

Is there any Flash code for displaying an XML file, in the same manner as IE (children indented, with expand/contract on each node)? The challenge, I think, is that Flash only has absolute positioning of Movie Clips built in, so that a FlowLayout would need to be written in ActionScript _and_ lengthy, wrapped Text in CDATA would make difficult node height calculations.


Drunken Flying Kills Birds in Sweden

Even the birds need some way to get through the long Swedish winter. Guess they prefer the fermented Rowanberries, rather than the home made vodka, served up straight from the gasoline canister, that I’m familiar with.

No, this is not just Swedes passing bad habits on to their wildlife. India has had many problems the past few years with stampeding drunk elephants. Coffee was mythically discovered by exceptionally lively goats, whose excited dancing caught the attention of their herder.

Animals and humans have lived in symbiosis, passing knowledge of edible food and valuable drugs for millenia.


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