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I used that tool to write the app I’m using right now to write this blog entry. I rewrote the app for Clemens – it took about 2 minutes to take an XML Schema for my blog data to get the app fully functional.

When I started using it on Monday, this little dev tool has changed my life. For the better.
The tool used to be called XDocs.
Now it’s called Infopath.
Don Box

Biased? perhaps. Still I’m really really looking forward to seeing this app!


Coming Soon To A Weblog Near You. [img] Here is the second preview of RSS news feeds rendered as outlines with Radio Userland and getting closer to release activeRenderer version 1.4.

I think I have achieved all of my rendering goals. I think outlining provides a quick, synthetic way of browsing through RSS feeds. If you have any suggestions, do send them my way by clicking the feedback link on this page. [read more] [s l a m]

Looking good!


news breakfast
news understanding
remove duplicates, organize comment, provide multiple views (time + perspective).
understand the emergence of news – initial news shock, over-loading circuits, through plethora of raw data, huge amount of speculation, then settling into packaged understanding with proper graphics.
9/11 showed media at its rawest, merely conducting the power of the event.
Columbia and the Google/Blogger deal itself.


Mind Bending Science

A botanist in Brazil has found that Jatoba, or hymenaea, a rainforest tree, grows much faster in atmospheres with high levels of carbon dioxide. This could come in handy later this century.

In competition, a scientist has developed a “synthetic tree” which would draw carbon dioxide out of the air, as plants do during photosynthesis, but retain the carbon and not release oxygen.

In the other direction, an Octopus has been trained to open jars. Handy.

Well, even more bizarre, is the natural behavior of the octopus’s fellow aquatic invertebrete, the Moon Jellyfish. We saw these guys at the amazing Monterey Bay Aquarium. These jellyfish reproduce in two ways — sexually, with the larvae developing on the mother’s tentacles — and then through cloning — as the larvae drift and attach to a hard surface, much like an anemone, and may then for years develop polyps, exact clones which grow into adult jellyfish.


Is the emergence of a global communications system a random accident or meaningfully connected to creating a more sustainable future?

The PlanetWorkers Conference back in 2000 was really illuminating, exploring the possibilities of my two great interests, Computing and the Environment. Sure it had a touch of the Esalen vibe, which is fun, and beyond, some real insight and direction. Now it’s happening again, June 6-8, in the Presidio, San Francisco, and I’m really excited for it. Maybe Marc would be interested in speaking on the Social Network Tools track.

Discussed at the last time, was a sort of real-time digital globe, a multilevel, graphics intense, GIS. Spin the globe, zoom in on Iraq, cross reference with Hans Blix and archeological records, and discuss the weather with Saddam. Well, the pieces are coming together.

EarthViewer3D is amazingly fun, elastically zooming in and out, from a small blue marble, to my own backyard, effortlessly jumping around the world. Now imagine this system hooked into real time data, from satellite and tiny remote sensors, a digital artifact of our world, for intense understanding of human and natural processes.
Costa Rica is building an online database to catalog its rich biodiversity. Global databases of Ecological data are developing. Great stuff.


100th subscription.

It’s official:

Rogue Semiotics is now my 100th RSS subscription.

And to think I was complaining back when I only had about 30!

Do I get a telegram from anyone now that I’ve reached 100?

[Curiouser and curiouser!]

WELCOME TO THE CLUB!! We need some sort of badge for such distinquished (and slightly mental 😉 readers.


I’m just a singer of simple songs
I’m not a real political man
I watch CNN but I’m not sure I can tell you
The difference in Iraq and Iran
But I know Jesus and I talk to God
And I remember this from when I was young
Faith hope and love are some good things he gave us
And the greatest is love
Alan Jackson – Where were you

Drive just a short way from the city, you enter an alternate musical reality. Scanning and scanning the car radio, or punching the jukebox in Mariposa’s 49er Inn and Placerville’s Hangman’s Tree Saloon, we came across the above gem, a post-9/11 hymn to historical ignorance and percieved lack of God’s love in Iraq and Iran. It rivals Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue (The Statue of Liberty started shaking her fist) in cringe-factor.

Also note, Placerville is home to Thomas Kinkade, the Norman Rockwell of the “SUVs are a Biblical Right” crowd. According to the Hangman’s Tree Saloon bartender, he was quite a nerd back in school.

Let us not forget, that the concept of God probably originated in the deserts of the Middle East. Ur, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Baghdad – a legendary capital of Early Islam. Countless ruins and holy places. Well, it’s under threat. It would be absolutely fantastic to visit. The music is probably better as well. Hope something is left…


myRadio – update – v. 0.3.4
activeRenderer View for News Aggregation

This is very cool. I’ve been using the aggregator in an outline, for a couple months now, and I wouldn’t go back.

Do check out the screenshot and I hope this update is enjoyed.

If you are using YGroups.root, you’ll need to download that as well.

Download Instructions

myRadio.root, and install in your Radio Userland/Tools directory

Notes for current myRadio users
If you downloaded myRadio.root after Oct. 15, and have registered, you should automatically receive the changes next time you restart Radio,
or select myRadio->Update from the Radio tools menu.
if you haven’t registered, please do, it just takes a minute
if you have an earlier version, please download the latest


Saturday, in the park…

We walked the length of Golden Gate Park last weekend, and it’s just great. Spring starts in February in San Francisco, with nearly every flower blooming and new shoots everywhere. Hard to believe that it took 50 years to transform 1000 acres of squatter settled sand dunes into such a wide varying and beautiful habitat. I know that some out there mourn for the lost Sand Dune habitat, which is quite fascinating, but in this case, Humans have improved the Environment.

In the ponds of the Arboretum, a flock of gulls had invaded the ducks territory. As we noticed this, the ducks launched across the water, honking and flying low. The gulls were scared off, but not before circling twice and registering their displeasure by rounds of aerial guano bombing. It was amazing, since the ducks really did seem to coordinate their attack.

Still, the bits of nature I squeeze from the city, pale to the vivid, familiar and mournful writings of Aldo Leopold in A Sand County Almanac. He truly sees the birds, bears, and grasses as his Peers.



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