Saturday, in the park…

We walked the length of Golden Gate Park last weekend, and it’s just great. Spring starts in February in San Francisco, with nearly every flower blooming and new shoots everywhere. Hard to believe that it took 50 years to transform 1000 acres of squatter settled sand dunes into such a wide varying and beautiful habitat. I know that some out there mourn for the lost Sand Dune habitat, which is quite fascinating, but in this case, Humans have improved the Environment.

In the ponds of the Arboretum, a flock of gulls had invaded the ducks territory. As we noticed this, the ducks launched across the water, honking and flying low. The gulls were scared off, but not before circling twice and registering their displeasure by rounds of aerial guano bombing. It was amazing, since the ducks really did seem to coordinate their attack.

Still, the bits of nature I squeeze from the city, pale to the vivid, familiar and mournful writings of Aldo Leopold in A Sand County Almanac. He truly sees the birds, bears, and grasses as his Peers.