Is the emergence of a global communications system a random accident or meaningfully connected to creating a more sustainable future?

The PlanetWorkers Conference back in 2000 was really illuminating, exploring the possibilities of my two great interests, Computing and the Environment. Sure it had a touch of the Esalen vibe, which is fun, and beyond, some real insight and direction. Now it’s happening again, June 6-8, in the Presidio, San Francisco, and I’m really excited for it. Maybe Marc would be interested in speaking on the Social Network Tools track.

Discussed at the last time, was a sort of real-time digital globe, a multilevel, graphics intense, GIS. Spin the globe, zoom in on Iraq, cross reference with Hans Blix and archeological records, and discuss the weather with Saddam. Well, the pieces are coming together.

EarthViewer3D is amazingly fun, elastically zooming in and out, from a small blue marble, to my own backyard, effortlessly jumping around the world. Now imagine this system hooked into real time data, from satellite and tiny remote sensors, a digital artifact of our world, for intense understanding of human and natural processes.
Costa Rica is building an online database to catalog its rich biodiversity. Global databases of Ecological data are developing. Great stuff.