WELCOME TO FEED ON FEEDS, your server side personal RSS aggregator.

Why is a server side aggregator better than a desktop aggregator?

Desktop aggregators are great. They sit there all day, pinging away at sites, and as soon as they notice something new, they pop up little windows on your desktop, and let you read items. But what about when you go home from work? Or what about when you are on a trip? You get totally out of sync, and don’t know what you’ve read and haven’t read. You are enraged. (hell ya! – mm)

Feed on Feeds A server side aggregator solves this. It keeps track of what items you’ve read, and keeps happily checking up on your feeds no matter where you are. Whenever you want to see what’s new, you just bring up a web page and scan the newest items. You can mark the items as read so they won’t be shown again. Or, you can just always show the most recent N items, like the way LiveJournal’s friends pages work. Also, having the aggregator in your browser eliminates the “impedance mismatch” that sometimes occurs between a desktop aggregator and your browser. All your native browsing methods work on a FEED ON FEEDS page. Open pages in new tabs, bookmark them for later, browse whatever way you like.

Steve Minutillo is coding. feed on feeds looks very promising. categories and multi-user could be on the way. the “MoveableType” for aggregation?. Check it out, the install is easy. Or you can play on this (be kind though).