Newly Digital
the memories, i can’t resist

For unknown reason, my elementary school in podunk florida, was fully kitted out with a darkened, cavernous apple IIe computer lab. HiTech. In 1984, the school ran a kiddie mock presidential election, on some software the computer lab guy, Mr. Leist, wrote. Mondale won.

Lemonade Stand indoctrinated our young minds into Capitalism. LOGO helped me appreciate the psychedelic possibilities of geometry. BASIC, enabled the classic juvenille “hello, world”

20 GOTO 10

I was really into building alarm clocks in BASIC, and messing about with audio (with no idea what 440 meant). And coding Choose Your Own Adventures. I wrote an epic, pages of tedious PLOTS, about a turtle on the moon. Now, I can understand a fascination with the moon, but I have no idea why a turtle on the moon was such an inspiration. That program was entered in a county-wide programming contest, runner-up to a deserving BASIC rendition of corporate trademarks.

Somehow, I managed to take home an Atari 900 computer one summer. In return, I also had to take home a hamster. That cassette tape drive whined on, in concert with Fluffy rolling around the room in his hamster ball. Only one of these loans survived the summer.

I had a computer education drought until high school. Except for a programmable Casio calculator, 512 bytes of programming fully utilized. Dang, what geeky memories.