New Tool Announcement: Location for Radio Userland

New Tool: Location for Radio Userland

This tool enables geotagging of individual weblog postings.

Below the post editing box, there are inputs for latitude and longitude. A good site to find lat/lon coords is maporama. The lat/lon coords should be entered in “decimal” form.

In the weblog’s RSS file, the item will list the latitude and longitude in the “geo” namespace…

<description>Brighton, UK is a laid back town.</description>

You can add a link to a map of the location, in the #itemTemplate, by using this macro:
<%locationlink(<%itemNum%>)%>, resulting in

Download Location.root to your Radio Userland Tools directory, restart Radio, and geo-freak out!



Notting Hill Carnival is Europe’s biggest street party. 2 million people squeeze by trucks decked out with sound systems and dancers, eat and drink, and get really really loose. Lots of freedom and initiative — seems every second house has a speaker out the window, or an imprompt beer stand, or bathroom. Carnival is pretty much everyone who shows up.

My photos

This kind of thing doesn’t happen in the US, unless it’s located hundreds of miles from the nearest town in the middle of the desert.

We had a good time, though a tired one after a long full weekend. The Carnival is sorta notorious for aggressiveness, and we only had a problem in the beginning. Some dudes came and grabbed my distracted friend’s bag of recreational substances. A fight nearly broke out (though not recommended, since said friend is also training in boxing) until I noticed a mobile phone hanging around bad dudes neck. A grab, and we had the goods to negotiate a trade! No muscle, just quick thinking.

Ego Browsing

Ego Browsing

Well here’s a roundup of my summer on the Internet. I did squeeze some cafe time during travels.

Got mention on Scripting News twice, once for World as a Blog, and also for a Radio format driver for necho (now adam?).

Philip Pearson ran geoBlog for 72 hours and Seb recommends myRadio, with comments suggesting a myRadio/FMRadioStation.

And TransparentSmoke suggests Mikel Maron may have started our downfall. Fine praise indeed!

london 1753 at British Museum

london 1753 at British Museum

My review, posted on Geowanking in June.

quite exciting to see the efforts at digital mapping london now — in a
city so full of history, those ages of memetic manufacture made liquid
in new digital architectures. walking around, digitally recording
geographies — it’s like taking the first steps in an entirely new
realm. just as the royal parks were eventually opened to the public,
the panopticon of police cameras are opening up to free information