Some comment on RSS Feed Subscription

I’ve posted a couple comments on RSS Feed Subscription, and aggregation “politics” in general, to the aggregators list.

parallel world discussion on the same issues has been happening on
these weblogs..

They are hashing out the details of using “feed:”, and wondering how
to build momentum.

There are many unsolved and half-solved problems in aggregation
software. And at least there’s no one place to find the consensus, or
pros and cons on each issue. Examples..

: auto-discovery formats
: methods for publishing blogrolls and subscription lists, and
interchanging them among aggregation tools
: aggregation subscription methods
: methods of passing “read articles” among multiple aggregators

: rpc api’s for aggregators
: update frequency, and methods of update notification
: authentication
: standards for handling weblog comment aggregation

and many many more.

These issues definitely deserve there own space, not as a subset of
the Atom Wiki. Is a Wiki appropriate? Will people take part? Is there
someone to step in and devote time to herding the cats :)?