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Eden Project is astounding

Less commented on, is the extremely pleasant architecture of the support facilities, the ticketing hall and dining rooms. Airy, light, light wood. The hushed, civilized hive feeling reminds me of Sweden, and I do miss the calm fresh public face of Scandanavia.

Strange how one place can have such widely divergent cultures, seperated by a 1000 years. Vikings had monks and maidens screaming throughout Europe. Nowadays, the Nordic countries are beacons of post-industrial socialization, introspective and peaceful. I suppose there are two Societal solutions to the extreme environmental conditions of the North — you go bezerker, or you add Christianity. Like any ecosystem, multiple strategies can be successful … and here we see a strategic evolution.

From San Francisco, I miss Sutro Tower and the Tuesday Air Raid Siren.

Everyone is born into the world, they look around, and see the things that have been left behind from past generations. See, here’s St. Paul’s Cathedral, what are all you going to do with that? How about this Coral Reef? Are you ever surprised how we carry on?