Ja Vote, Swedish Pizza

The good side of a bad result

Can’t know for sure, especially amatuer economists, but I’d think the Nej vote on Swedish Euro adoption would mean a long term hit to the Swedish economy. And a decline in the value in the krona. Which is actually all just fine with me, since then Swedish pizza will be cheaper.

The greatest secret of Scandinavia is the high quality of Swedish pizza. Arguably the best in the world. Pizza shops, with the inevitable name of Mamma Mia, usually staffed by immigrants from Turkey, Jordan. If I relocated from the Middle East to the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow, definitely the place to hang out is around a pizza oven. And they’re the best, thin crust, some unidentified key combination of flours and cheese. The best topping is Kebab, with saus, though Taco is also good.

Laszlo Blogroll

Marc points to a very very cool little widget, a richapp blogroll built using Laszlo and OPML. Check out the right hand side of Sarah Allen’s Weblog.

Marc introduced me and another Marc to Laszlo last year. Apps are built using a combination of javascript and XML, and delievered in Flash. My only criticism, is the dependence on the Laszlo Presentation Server. Lots of developers won’t want to deploy the full server, requiring Apache Tomcat. How about a stand-alone utility, to compile SWF from Laszlo script?

Did I mention

Brighton is the English Santa Cruz

Hippie era die hards, beach town, pier and coastal amusement park, university on the hill. In one way, Brighton is more Santa Cruz than Santa Cruz. Brighton must be the world capital of white dreadlocks. You’ll see them first thing in the morning at Sainsbury’s, to late at night in Volks Tavern. Are the dreads attracted to Brighton, or does Brighton create the dreads…51st mp3 highland divisionus flexible loan aaaobiec mp3 d drut 526bhajagovindam mp3 composer adi shankloans aames homes600 mp3 525mp3 sense 6ixth cinta hikayat5252 mp3 affiliateid resultados keyword Map

Santa Cruz You’re Not That Far

Santa Cruz You’re Not That Far

It’s disconcerting, to move halfway round the globe, turn on the radio, and hear a band singing a love song to your home town. The Thrills are apparently an English group, slightly skinny and unhealthy from their press shots (here standing on a beach which could possibly be Santa Cruz). Well it’s a jangly ditty, the singer putting a pretty decent California nasal on Cruuuuz, and overall manages to capture a Santa Cruz, as imagined by some English musicians hanging out in LA.

You may also have heard that Electronic music is dead. Certainly hoped for by the broadcasters and industry in the UK, they’re smelling a sale in another direction. Mullets and Metal have been building an ironic momentum for years, and have reached crescendo with The Darkness. Seems to me, heavy metal dudes, the real dudes, have always held a bit of respect in all the ridicule, since they held true as fashion passed by, and way by. So, it’s strange that fashion now brings these guys back into the cool.

Searching and asking, found Legowelt, 8bit electro techno. Had to make a minumum purchase to order from Clone, so I asked Legowelt, and he recommended a couple more.



The votes have been counted … they’ve said nej, and we say NEJ! We may believe in the Enlightened SuperState of Euro, but Sweden will sit quietly to the North.

We were leaving for dinner, when Anna realized .. ‘Oh no, how will I follow the results?”. Ah, it’s a good thing her husband is a programmer.

Dagen Nyheter had the count front and center, but scanning the source was empty. Hm, maybe javascript. Mozilla’s awesome PageInfo, Page Components tab turned up the javascript here. Terminal into brainoff, hack up a quick Perl script to pull that bit down, scan for the numbers, and send out an email to Anna’s mobile. Hrm, no Mail::Sendmail on the server, so quick CPAN … and we’re good! Here’s europing.pl.

It’s great fun setting up SMS services before dinner. I wonder when the Internet will grow to such a state, that non-technical people can pull together disparate bits into quick, dirty, and effective applications…

Hitler’s House, 2003

The banal media goldmine of At Home with Hitler (mirror) has reproduced widely. There was no need for parody in 1938, you lived it! Imfamously, there was acceptance of and support for Nazism in Britain, and America, notably the British Union of Fascists. This semi-nausea is a familiar feeling, recalling memories of a trip to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, still standing in the Bavarian Alps.

Anna and I were passing through Salzburg, on honeymoon travels. We decided to take in some easy tourism, maybe a bus tour .. Sound of Music tour, visit to the Bavarian salt mines, and trip to the Eagle’s Nest, Hitler’s old place were on offer. I’m sorry? Did I hear that correctly? Hitler’s house is a tourist destination?
Built for Hitler’s 50th birthday, and spared bombing by the Allies, the Eagle’s Nest survives to this day. Though very controversial, it’s incredibly popular. As explained to is us by our (drunk?) tour guide, it’s really just a beautiful spot, this place may be Hitler’s birthday present, but there’s nothing Nazi about it. Really?

The day we visited, the place was humming. Beautiful sunny sky, plenty of beer, and a special mountain top Christian Mass. Yup, generations of Bavarians, dressed in traditional costume, singing with the priest … in Hitler’s old backyard. Inside the house, a main attraction is the fireplace, Mussolini’s gift for Hitler’s big 5-0. From one fascist to another, it’s really sweet. You can check out our photos of the visit.

There’s lots of decent people in Bavaria, I have friends there … but there are quite a few bizarre volk in that part of the world. At the pension we stayed at in Badgastein the owner was very familiar with San Francisco. He frequently bid on auctions held there, of weapons stolen from Austria by American soldiers post-WW2. He felt a very solemn duty to bring those weapons back home!

Brighton Seagulls

Brighton attracts huge numbers of coastal gulls. And huge. Biggest I’ve seen, fed on a healthy diet of tourist trash. They’re everywhere and they’re loud. The local football club is called the Seagulls.

There’s been calls for a cull, but it’s a moral dilemma. Taking the rational view point does feel cold.

Taking the bus, spotted a guy violently hitting something on a sidewalk. Getting closer, there’s a gull on its back, half dead, still alive. What a spot! What do you do, with a gull, spread on is back on your doorstep?


Heading south from Alicante, you come to a massive salt operation. Salt pools stretch in every direction. And flamingos. On migration from Africa, they filter feed on various plankton .. a diet which leads to the bright pink hue. There were thousands on our visit, not even the peak time of year.


Albufera de Valencia, Spanish for “lagoon”. Large fresh water lake and coastal wetlands, minutes from sprawling Valencia, Spain. For centuries, the flow of water into, within, and out of this lagoon has been modified to maximize aquaculture opportunities. The local speciality is fresh eel, possibly in butter.

Major restoration has been undertaken recently. The visitors center is adjacent to several small ponds, very busy with birds. They had built an excellent bird blind for observations. A very busy road was with 20m, but the birds didn’t mind — they seem to realize the safety of the place despite the close proximity.