Aggregator Domain Shift

Aggregator Domain Shift

After restarting school, my weblogging/aggregation behavior has widely shifted. Time and mind resources are in short supply. Re-situated, from the vast and fast electronic worldmindsphere of responsive and creative signals, to something slower (not so slow), more depth, and requiring more physical movement (to get to class). This Domain Shift has highlighted many shortcomings in the current usage scenarios.

Clearly, 200 subscriptions aren’t tractable, and a severe culling is called for. The desire has been to keep on track with many people, projects and places, with near instant incorporation of novel events and ideas into my mindstream. Filtering this deluge is just too humanly intensive.

I think, posting less, is more. High volume feeds are, with few exceptions, not tractable. More high quality.

The weblog+aggregator has been Overloaded. It’s become a tool to manage personal contacts and social networks. A special purpose tool is needed for that. It’s become a collaborative editing platform, via the blogdex-es. Need a way to promote important memes in the mindsphere, without spamming all your subscribers’ aggregators. There’s a need for specialization of tools. The actual weblog is the focus of new creativity. Reviews, Events, Meme Promotion, Conversation .. all can piggyback on the architecture, plus required new seperate functionality and presentation.

With the domain shift to “evolutionary and adaptive systems”, I don’t want to leave the past completely behind. Build in history to subscription lists. Definitely some space for systems analysis and modelling of the blogosphere.

The university presents vast new sources of new information — simply in the form of seminars in various departments and institutions, events, newsletters. Its far far from integrated in any useable way, and building a proper system presents a years work in itself, which I must decline. Doesn’t stop me from scraping scraping and scraping. Beyond that, integrating classes, schedules, lecture handouts, seminars, student notes, into one usable system.

In the mean time, I pour all my readings into a wiki, turned personal database. Continually evolving this software and presentation, it will probably be perfectly usable right after the course finishes.