Received some semi-anonymous feedback, on a post from last year, the Ecology of Urban Habitats. It’s personal and it’s good advice, so thanks for writing me. This is a tricky balancing act in my writing and generally in my life. I want to channel my passions in constructive ways, and sometimes the inspiration gets lost in the transitions.

It’s funny, I used to receive notes like this often from the Sri Yantra: sacred art and geometry of Tantra site. I think the mathematical mentality offended some people’s spiritual practice.

Hi Mikel
I thought the article was both intereasting and a bit dry at the same time. Perhaps you are writing too much from the head. Let your love of plants shine through and have more fun.

Take care

Why write down the dry list of interesting urban ecology examples? Most of the world lives in urban areas, “seperate” from nature, unaware of the incredible tenacity and creativity of living things to survive in the environments of our harshest creations. Survival to a point, and that concerns me. We can and must do a lot more to encourage nature, through restoration and smart urban planning, conversation and sustainability.

A frog laid eggs in the small pond in our small backyard, in the middle of urban Brighton. Hope they make it.