Microcontent at the Technorati Dev Meeting

Microcontent at the Technorati Dev Meeting

Read through some good brainstorm notes from the Technorati Developers Salon. Wish I could’ve gone, but fortunately Marc Canter mentioned what I think is the key idea for Technorati.

Are we done talking about blogs yet?

More people writing reviews than writing blogs

structure not limited to title, body, permalink


data model extensions
data mining other kinds of microcontent besides blogs
as if there was a world besides blogs

blogging / semistructured data sets:

Review XML format

people don’t even agree on what is a blog
semistructured content

With a scaling critical mass of crawled content, Technorati is poised to push weblog and aggregation architectures to the next step. RSS or Atom + namespaces can be the emergent Semantic Web. If Technorati started paying attention to RSS extensions, and made them available in search results and their API, this would enable all sorts of applications to bloom. I of course would add location to the list!