The View from Parliament Hill

The view from Parliament Hill

Some have lamented the transformation of the post-WW2 London skyline. Gaping blitz induced holes filled by New American Century towers, dominate over the city that once was endless steeples and St. Pauls dome. Architecture forcing or reflecting new spiritual focus. My home for the next couple months has a dead on view of BT Tower (reminds me of the sf favorite sutro tower).

London really has no skyline. Sprawling city with no vantage point. Tourist advertising represents the skyline as the greatest hits off the River Thames – Tower Bridge, St Pauls, the Eye, Parliament. Should rightly throw in the Gherkin and a (revitalized?) Battersea Power Station.

The view from Parliament Hill. All I saw were construction cranes dotting to the horizon. And maybe construction cranes are the true skylines of today’s cities, new steeples dedicated to continual redifinition. They’re never continually located, yet always present in new configurations, tweaking the city with surgical precision, for as long as economics propels them.