Global Satellite Data available on MapProxy

Global Satellite Data available on MapProxy

Worldwide Landsat satellite imagery is now available on MapProxy. From the GEONet Names Server database, it’s retrievable simply with the name of any global city and country.

For example, here’s Berlin, Germany and the Tsunami Region.

I find this really exciting. It means mappers, using worldKit or anything else, now have a source for globabl imagery, on an urban to continental scale.

MapProxy has now evolved to integrate 3 different sources of imagery data [USGS US Census Landsat] and 3 different geocoding services [ Geo::PostalCoder GEONet]. It’s tied together with an HTML form and a formula for Lat/lon given radial and distance.

All the imagery is accessible via simple HTTP GET requests. The same is potentially possible for all the geocoders and the formula. It makes me wonder about a possible web programming model that doesn’t require a programmer. So that it only takes the idea, not the technical expertise, to build out recombinations on the Web’s open data. More on this to follow.