Firefox Plugin: Annotating Google Maps

Firefox Plugin: Annotating Google Maps

changes to google’s “api” have broken this script. currently looking into a fix

This is a way to arbitrarily annotate Google Maps, using the Greasemonkey Firefox Plugin. Points are defined in Google’s annotation format and made available, like this one. With the plugin installed, when the browser loads appended with “?loc=” and the url of any Points file, those points are made available for display within Google Maps.

To try it..

  1. Install the Greasemonkey plugin in Firefox.
  2. Install the Google Maps Annotation User Script by right clicking on the link, and selecting “Install user script..”
  3. Load Google Maps Santa Cruz Beaches, and click “Display Points”.
  4. Create another Points file, and load it up.

Ever since learning about it, I wanted to hack something with Greasemonkey. The GMaps XML Handling Bookmarklet example and the GMaps Route Follower Greasemonkey script showed me the methods. Also borrowed from the script inclusion trick, plus a little PHP to wrap the Points files in javascript.

Also worked on more ways of pulling maps out of google (geo-rectified, in flash) but I’ll hold on to those, just a bit dodgy.