“Bo i Centrum” is Swedish for “live in town”, not the usual state of things in the far north of Sweden. Skellefteå, my wife’s hometown, is 14 Swedish miles from any other town of significant size (~140 km; distances up here are so great they just divide by 10).

This sign (1 of 3 planned in town) advertises the site, outside the company offices. The pic was taken at 2pm, already dark here! lists apartments for rent by Älvsbacka Förvaltning, the property management company run by my father-in-law. This is currently the only website around these parts for finding apartments; think HousingMaps for the Arctic Circle.

For this project, I developed a php backend for managing online listings, with integrated mapping ala worldKit. Maintenance requests are also received via the website. Potentially useful for other companies (get in touch if you think so). The imagery was obtained from the state mapping agency, Lantmäteriet, at a pretty reasonable price. It’s been interesting, learning about the byzantine world of Swedish real estate, and making a mark on this town.