Looking for a Wifi Weather and Pollution Station

Looking for a Wireles/Wifi Weather and Pollution Station

Sensors are cool. Particularly sensor networks and motes, ways to non-intrusively gather data about the state of the environment, organisms. I want to get hands on with some sensors, but initially in a less ambitious way, with a home weather and pollution monitoring station.

I’ve looked around some, there are loads of options, Weather Underground has a good list, but it’s overwhelming with options and nothing seems spot on for what I’m after. Anyone out there with some ideas / experience with this stuff?

What I’m after

  • Basic weather sensors (temp, barometer, humidity, rainfall)
  • Extendable for use with pollution sensors, for air quality. And what are the options here — C02 sensors?
  • Solar powered if possible and practical
  • Wireless transmission to a base station, or better, direct wifi connection. We’ve ordered BT Bluephone, so we’ll have a bluetooth/wifi router — so maybe bluetooth is an option, if it’s possible for other devices to use the blutooth/IP bridge.
  • Upload to server without a running computer. So the station needs to be able FTP directly using a local network.

Maybe this doesn’t exist in total, so I might need to build something together from components, which sounds fun anyway (if I possibly succeed). Urban Tapestries collaboration with Natalie Jeremijenko on Feral Robots has some guidelines on hacking environmental sensors together.