WaterWiki 7 months on

The WaterWiki was launched last fall, to support the UNDP Water Governance Community of Practice in Eastern Europe and former Soviet states. This was possibly the first use of Wiki technology within the UN, and it was a great project to work on. Yes, a labor of love.

Since, its grown to 500 pages and 68 registered users. A majority of its growth is due to the work and championship of Jeurg, the regional coordinator for the CoP. But gradually, the wiki is being adopted by other members of the CoP, for recording their own knowledge and organizing events and courses. It is now being utilized for the writing the UNDP’s Regional Water Strategy, the core document for the Community of Practice.

A second UNDP wiki has grown from the WaterWiki pilot .. the Civil Society Atlas. There’s interest in expanding the concept into a general resource, with a UNDP working group dedicted to Wikis. The technical challenges of packaging my crufty hacks on a now old version of MediaWiki for wider distribution has been taken up by Kairat Alaichiev.

And this summer, Anna has accepted an internship with UN-INSTRAW, to work on a similar project, spreading the wiki virus even further.