The team at Lokku have done a terrific job with the launch of nestoria. I’ve been advising them a bit on how to implement geographic search and integration of various geodata sources, and it’s great to be associated with them. If web cluefulness and usefulness is any guideline, they’ll soon be a force on the London (and later on UK, and Europe) real estate market.

Too often, the innovation on the web, and especially the geospatial web, is reflected commercially only in the Estados Unidos. There are reasons for sure, like the traditional lack of free geodata, but with OpenStreetMap and Google Maps relentless expansion, the playing field is levelling quickly. Trulia are a natural comparison, in the Web 2.0 of real estate, all basking in the glow of housingmaps but here I think simplicity is key. What will be a challenge for nestoria is maintaining the current simplicity as the feature set grows. Especially cool now is the neighborhood info — transport, schools, doctors, and of course pubs.

It’s good to see commercial ventures make use of free geodata. Hopefully, nestoria will soon be reciprocating with GeoRSS enabled feeds. They are already wise to benefit of engaging with the open source community. Mapstraction, the abstract interface to all the big mapping APIs we’ve been developing, has received its initial support from nestoria.