World Cup de Boca Chica

The German Embassy sponsored a viewing of the World Cup final at the Hilton all inclusive in Boca Chica. Boca Chica is the nearest beach to the capital, and not all that attractive, with a shipping port just west and a breakwater creating a tepid lagoon not unlike a large underclorenated public swimming pool surrounded by bars. Since CDN, the main broadcaster for the Dominican Republic, did their broadcasting from there, filming the commentary from the room (GOOOOOOALLL), I guess they hosted the whole country.

There were loads of bigwigs there apparently, making several overly long speeches, such as the Minister of Tourism profusely thanking Hilton for hosting the event and I guess for developing numerous impenetrable all-inclusive resorts around the country that are the sum total of most tourists DR experience (and cutting off prime beaches and basically entire economies from the local people). Thanks Hilton, Love, Your corrupt local politician.

We were seated at the “Scandanavian table”, and got loads of cameras gawking. I guess we were a bit more excited that the politicos quietly enduring the overtime. So maybe on TV you saw my big head among the big wigs.

The best reason to be there was sauerkraut. And mustard and grilled meats. Dominican food can be very good, pollo y arroz for sure, but is very very inconsistent in quality. Now hungering for German food in the Caribbean, estoy loco.

But as soon as the party was over, so was the privelage. Trying to get just a glass of water at the beach front bar, we were denied. No all-inclusive resort bracelet, no aqua.