Santo Domingo in an Alternate Reality

Santo Domingo is a different city. We returned last night after a week away. While we were gone, the government has banned all alcohol sales after midnight during the week, 2am on the weekend. And deployed 6000 troops across the country to enforce the ban.
This is effectively a curfew, there’s not much other reason for ever-party-loving Dominicans or toursits to be out on the streets at night. The party action usually doesn’t really start until after midnight. Coming from the airport last night, no blaring Merengue music, no people hanging out in shop fronts or doorways .. just empty streets and gun toting soldiers at intersections. There may be no more effective means of control here in DR than going after alcohol. Things are safe and calm .. too calm.
Seems to be an extreme response to a perceived, and not entirely actual, rise in crime. Is this actually a newly elected government expressing its power, to a country with dictatorship not so far in its past? This does nothing for the real heavy crime here, drug and people trafficking .. but perhaps there’s a vested interest in not going after that income source.

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