Consultant Position for WaterWiki! Get Paid to Wiki…

Last summer we worked on a great Volunteer project for the UNDP .. WaterWiki .. likely the first Wiki in use within the United Nations. I’ve written about it here. Today it’s up to 700 articles, and has been used in a number of activities, like collaboratively drafting the UNDP’s Regional Water Strategy. Now WaterWiki has grown into a full time job.
I’ve received word that the UNDP is looking for a six month contractor for Applied Knowledge Management for Water Governance in Europe and CIS. The majority of the responsibility is working on WaterWiki .. organizing and gardening Wiki content, writing articles on WaterWiki, and coordinating contributors. This is great that the WaterWiki has taken on such importance within the UNDP that it requires a full time paid position.
If you have experience with Wikis and/or knowledge of Water Management issues, you’re encouraged to apply!