Maps that Matter

A couple weeks ago, Harry at the excellent Geospatial Semantic Web Blog posted on GeoRSS and Geonames for Philanthropy. His suggestion to use Geonames to produce GeoRSS for Kiva was a good one. And a simple one. Chained together with mapufacture, this was a one minute job to produce a map of Kiva loans, an approach generally useful for the Semantic Web. From such an easy demonstration, Kiva is now thinking about how to integrate mapping more directly in their site.

A while back, I did a similar chain for Global Voices, the excellent group blog highlighting interesting global blogging. Global Voices Mapped. If anyone is connected with Global Voices, it would be great to get an intro to them to look at deeper mapping integration.

These two worked extremely well for automatic geocoding, since both sites RSS feeds contain unambiguous, prominant place names. Though ultimately, I think we want GeoRSS generated with some human input, so to precisely set the location and insure correctness, automated geocoding is a great way to jump start the wider adoption of GeoRSS. We’re looking into better integration of geocoding vanilla RSS feeds for mapufacture.

2 thoughts on “Maps that Matter”

  1. Interesting article from your site. I am looking forward to including a map on my site, which will show pop up news (rss feed) across the world. Each time there is a breaking news, there will be a pop up of the news and the place of the news on the map. The pop up only stays for a pre-configure time frame and fades away in order to allow in other in coming breaking news. My question is, where can I get help with the above? I am a front-end designer.

    Many thanks

  2. Take a look at my project, worldKit []. It’s a flash based, GeoRSS mapping application which can do exactly what you ask. Get in touch with the dev list, or contact me directly, for tips.

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