Who Needs Sleep?

My friend Tamara Maloney has produced and edited Who Needs Sleep, a documentary by Haskell Wexler, examines the intense working hours film industry professionals are subjected to (15 hours, 6/7 days a week), and lobbies for more sane working conditions. The film has been well received touring festivals this year, including Sundance, and is now premiering theatrically this Friday.

We don’t want you to forget that, “Who Needs Sleep?”
Will open August 11th at Laemmle’s Santa Monica 4 plex.
Details below.

Please come out and support this important film which explores the facts about sleep deprivation and working long hours. Good attendance on the opening weekend will help ensure that the film receives longer bookings in other theaters.
If you know someone who might be interested please forward the info.

Don’t miss this film!!

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