Mapufacture, update

Mapufacture has just been updated with a shaper look, some new features, and some backend improvements.
Credit to Andrew Turner and Guilhem Vellut, whose incredible map & rails hacking skills, and great enthusiasm, are speeding Mapufacture forward. Thanks dudes.
Thing is, we’ve been meaning to hold off the release until a bunch more cool things were coded up, but with all the rails security ruckus, the easiest way to upgrade rails was going to be pushing our latest code. There’s still a bit of polish left to apply, and our roadmap takes in that bunch more cool stuff I just mentioned, so keep watching.

My favorite improvement won’t actually be visible to users at all (yet). Guilhem linked together Mapstraction with Mapufacture, by releasing the YM4R/Mapstraction Rails plugin and integrating it in. This gives us the potential to do some really neat stuff. And this isn’t the last amazing integration among our mapping projects…

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