Image Overlays in GeoRSS

For the Mapping Medio Ambiente Workshop, I whipped up support for Image Overlays in GeoRSS, in MGeoRSS.

Here’s an example of Yahoo Maps overlayed on Google Maps Santo Domingo.

This is something I pondered before when working on imagery overlays in Google Earth for the Java Earthquake in June.

The idea is to set the relationshiptag attribute of GeoRSS Box to image-extent. The location of the image is specified in another media:content tag. The relationshiptag and featuretypetag of GeoRSS are meant to be folksonomic .. unintended ontologies and usages will be explored as developers work with the format.

<georss:box relationshiptag=”image-extent”>-70.01544 18.39777 -69.80567 18.563517</georss:box>
<media:content url=”santodomingo.png”/>

I’ll detail this usage in MGeoRSS next time I update there. The only additional requirement is including the excellent TPhoto extension.

This is a very useful way to specify overlays, and I hope to encourage other GeoRSS tools to adopt this convention.

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  1. Michael Fagan said,

    September 5, 2006 @ 6:00 am

    it’d be neat to see a comparison of this with other potential methods such as KML, and i don’t know what else..

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