From Hacks to In-House, Flickr launches Geotagging. Tripletags are dead, long live tripletags!

Building photo maps, especially flickr, was one of the collective obsessions of Geowankers a couple years ago. Dav did the original awesomeness digging into EXIF headers, Trevor had some sweetness in 93 Photo Street, Mike Migurski cracked flickr with mappr, then there was fllickrmap, loads loads more..

I introduced tripletags to flickr with mapping flickr, an ugly but effective way to get flickr to do something it was never intended for. Flickr adopting maps should be an encouragement to everyone to continue to try and break things in interesting ways!

Dan Catt Google Maps, greasemonkey, crawler database extravaganza, Geobloggers, which impressed the pants off everyone, so Dan went to work to flickr .. moving the hacks in-house. I know everyone there has been working super hard on this, and the result is great, congrats. The clustering & mini photo browser is something I want to emulate in other maps.

They’re still working on the developer views/apis. I won’t have to predictably bug them about GeoRSS, since there’s already a clamor for it , and Dan confirms GeoRSS is coming. Dan also lets loose a currently hidden EXIF option, so flickr will work with great tools like WWMX Location Stamper, etc. There is no option to have flickr look back through your photos for EXIF GPS data (this would probably really grind their dbs to a halt), so I expect some more hacks to fill in this gap once the developers api is up.

Flickr is expected to respond to its hackers. Another launch today that caught my eye shows that responsiveness in companies you’d never expect. TeleAtlas is now requesting data bug reports from its users. The landscape is shifting around OpenStreetMap , and when behemoths start to move, who knows how radically the world will transform.

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