Brighton OpenStreetMap Workshop Followup

Fun day Saturday, and great progress on OpenStreetMap in Brighton.

A good mix of dConstruct attendees (who weren’t nursing a hangover 😉 ) .. Colin Schlueter, Maria Schaake .. OpenStreetMap veterans .. Dean Earley, Robert .. and interested locals .. Kathryn Hall, Ed Griffiths-Jones, (GI Policy Expert) Chris Corbin, (Councillor) Roy Pennington, Tim Small, Richard Vahrman.

Great portions of Hove, the North Laines, the Deans and Kemp Town are covered, with good starts on Preston Park and Seven Dials. Remarkably most everything went smoothly technology wise. Our collected traces. With a little push through the soggy winter, we’re aiming for a complete Brighton map by Spring.

Thanks to Richard for the beautiful venue, Ed for the press release, and Jeremy Keith for publicity around dContstruct.

Stay tuned to the wiki for notes on our progress, from out of copyright map..

.. to whiteboard planning ..

Whiteboard Brighton

.. to collected GPS traces of the day ..

brighton in josm

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