the OpenStreetMap / Mapstraction UK launch extravaganza at the Geospatial Mash-up

Here today at the Ordnance Survey for the UK Geospatial Mash-up. I’m speaking on GeoRSS, and there’s a very interesting cross section of folks, ideas, and software here .. more on that later. The big big news for OpenStreetMap and Mapstraction is a trio of interweaved launches…

OpenStreetMap in Nestoria UK Real Estate site Nestoria is using OpenStreetMap tiles over the Isle of Wight. This is OpenStreetMap’s first 100% complete region, in its first commercial use.

OpenStreetMap in Mapstraction OSM is an API option for Mapstraction. It’s never been easier to Switch…

On-the-fly switching in Mapstraction ..except now it’s even easier to switch, on the fly, while viewing the map!

I’ll follow up next week, with some insights on the technology and techniques that went into all this.

Big hardy hoorays go out to Etienne for work on the tiles, the team at Nestoria for being so damn cool about open data and open apis, and Steve & Tom and the OSM/Mapstraction posse.