Running Stitch, “Pecha Cucha” on Monday

Over the next month, Brighton is host to a GPS artwork/event, Running Stitch by Jen Southern & Jen Hamilton. Running Stitch is totally ambitious .. participants take a GPS-via-bluetooth-Mobile from the gallery, and walk the streets of Brighton. Their track is transmitted back to the gallery, and projected on a 25 sq meter tapestry hanging in the center, where volunteer seamsters sew the track in real time into the tapestry, climbing all over a two story scaffolding.

It’s a simple beautiful idea, capturing some of the great things I’ve seen in OpenStreetMap also. There’s an unusual awareness evoked by artifacting your own wanderings. And a real connection to the city and community.

This Monday, Fabrica is hosting a “Pecha Cucha” night. I’ll be presenting on OpenStreetMap, detailing on the rapid progress in Brighton. The other presenters look interesting, especially the people behind, which I think has lots of complementaries to OpenStreetMap. See you there?

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  1. Jen Hamilton said,

    November 27, 2006 @ 3:02 pm

    Hi Mikel, it’s Jen Hamilton here, back in Canadiana. Thanks for posting this. I have a google alerts on a blog search ( something that I’ve never done before but Matthew Miller at Fabrica gave me the heads up) for a Running Stitch Fabrica search and your site came up. Good luck tonight at the Pecha Cucha. I wish I could be there. cheers, Jen

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