Introduction to Neogeography Short Cut

Andrew Turner has released an Introduction to Neogeography Short Cut for O’Reilly. It’s total drinking from the firehose, intense survey of all things geo-amatuer, a great jump start for neophytes to neogeography, kinda like compressing three years of geowanking, conferences, and hacking into an afternoon read.

Note I’m a pretty biased reviewer. Andrew asked me to review a rough draft, and I have the pleasure to work with Andrew on several projects, some mentioned in the Short Cut. He and myself are presenting much of the same concept in the Adding Location to Web 2.0 Apps session at Web 2.0 Expo. But be sure this Intro matches the volume of Andrew’s unstoppable enthusiasm.

And Andrew’s developing concept of a GeoStack is quite useful. I’ve thought of it as an ecosystem of tools, data, and protocols. Whatever you call it, the pieces are starting to fit together.

OpenStreetMap is only given a short mention, since in itself it could be the subject of a Short Cut. Now there’s an idea that might just be happening in the next couple months 😉

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