Wiki Volunteer Needed at the UNDP

The WaterWiki is looking for a Wiki-Geek at UN Volunteering. WaterWiki is the first Wiki deployed within the UN system, launched by Anna and myself in 2005. This is a great project to help out if you have a few spare hours per week and are excited about tools changing the way big organizations work. Sign up on UN Online Volunteering or you can also get in touch with me for information.

Interesting, when we launched there was a map and flags for every country in the region list on the front page, now moved here. To me, this is another reflection of the success of the project. When we started, people in this community of practice primarily thought of themselves within the framework of their home country, and the particular initiatives there. Now, there are numerous channels and configurations which the community works within, individual country being just one .. they see themselves as a community. Maps are still useful, but at this point they need something with higher fidelity to capture detailed and subtle information on the projects .. perhaps the mapping integration at the Gender Training Wiki is the next step.