GeoRSS Extension for MediaWiki

For both United Nations Wikis I’ve developed, I seamlessly integrated mapping. The last iteration at UN INSTRAW allowed geotagging on any page through a Google Map GUI widget, and automatically generated GeoRSS feeds, which could be used within the Wiki itself to map all the articles.

At the Web4Dev Conference, and TechSoup’s online “meeting” on Web 2.0 tools there was interest in using the extension for other projects.

I’ve finally packaged up the code and posted it: MediaWiki GeoRSS Extension.

The GeoRSS plugin introduces an easy interface for geotagging MediaWiki articles, and publishes a GeoRSS feed of all mapped articles in the Wiki, for mapping and syndication.

It’s still in a pretty raw state, but it’s totally functional and a few improvements should make this an easy to install extension. Hopefully another wiki project will provide time to fix it up. Or perhaps someone out there is interested. Please get in touch with any comments or questions on the extension.