Lift in Geneva

Now in Geneva for Lift. I have high hopes for this conference, so many interesting people

I’ve been preparing for the OpenStreetMap Geneva Workshop tomorrow. All the GPS loaners know where they’re at, and are full powered. Yahoo Imagery traced for a rough pass, and printed out. Even getting a decent lock in Geneva’s cavernous streets with the Garmin Geko, making tracks pretty on target to the vectors sketched out over the Yahoo Imagery.

A couple of the GPS loaners were mailed to me before I left Brighton, and left on for the journey. Its track travels from Hounslow, over the M25, down the M23 to a holding station near Gatwick, where it loses power.

Tomorrow I’ll find some grips on Geneva, for now I’m disoriented. Through some mistakes by the hotel I’ve been upgraded, twice, so it’s a pretty nice disorientation.