Shyamtronics on Tottenham Court Road saves the day

London is a pretty large modern city, right? Well yesterday in all of London there was only one place that I could walk into a shop and purchase a replacement AC adaptor for my Thinkpad T60 (left behind in SFO after witnessing a dozen police officers arrest and handcuff a 60 year old woman for an outstanding DUI warrant, just a bit overboard and upsetting) (also thanks Lenovo for introducing a new series of laptops with a completely new connector for the power adaptor).

That place was Shyamtronics, 246 Tottenham Court Road. They had everything on the shelf. They will definitely try to scam you, so be on your toes and don’t worry if they act hurt when you suggest a lower price. I’m totally thankful they exist anyway. And they weren’t easy to find, Thinkpad support didn’t suggest them (why not?!) and they’re among dozens of other small shops on Tottenham Court Road.

This was the first time that street view browsing actually useful to me. Check out Street Sensation.


One thought on “Shyamtronics on Tottenham Court Road saves the day”

  1. These guys are stalwarts of TCR and very enjoyable hagglers. I think I bought my first (B&W) laptop there many moons ago

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