BrightEarthProject launches on Google Earth

From Ogle Earth, I hear that the Darfur Crisis layers have been turned on in Google Earth, in the Global Awareness layer. Well done to Michael Graham and the Bright Earth Project and Holocaust Mesuem for seeing this through a long production process. I second Stefan’s praise of Google for supporting this effort, and for collecting the high resolution imagery underlying it all .. viewing the overlays, along with the aerial imagery of the places where these tragedies are unfolding, stops you cold. This is all happening in plain sight, viewable on our computers .. and it needs at the very least our attention.

I contributed a layer visualizing security incidents in Sudan, but since it’s a bit experimental and relies on the time navigation, it wasn’t included. I was given a spreadsheet with the incidents from the US State Department .. a very detached and unreal way to see these events. The visualization is based on Iraq War Coalition Fatalities animation, and tries to give some impact to the reports. Download the Sudan Security Incidents here.

Update: Primary reason the incident layer was not included was because the State Dept felt that the data collectors put too much emphasis on military incidents and didn’t account for a large number of civilian incidents. So please keep that in mind when viewing the layer. Anyway, looks like the launch is getting good coverage.