Web 2.0 Expo, Location Intelligence

Wow, that was an intense week. Yuri’s Night, BioMapping SF, Web 2.0 Expo, Location Intelligence, NASA, AAG, and one incredible meal. Loads of old friends and new, and many motivated people.

Andrew is right, being between the conferences was an interesting place to be. Seemed like they were talking to each other and didn’t know (though Web 2.0 was a kind of massive heard rumble, like migrating water buffalo, LI like a quiet isolated group of Mountain Gorillas). We’re quite happy to be a bridge between web2.0 and hardcore geo.

The guys from weogeo were also hopping between Web2.0 and LI and rightly so .. their stuff looks awesome. Sean Gorman from Fortius One was at least looking across town and has a good account of the reception at LI to the OpenStreetMap anarchists .. though Sean Phelan of Multimap gave some excellent boosterism for OSM.

The presentations we gave covered a lot of the same ground, and are a good quick primer on web mapping. Andrew has links to the presentations.

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