Mapstraction Update

Through the course of projects, Mapstraction has been receiving attention .. more APIs and more features. The site has gotten a redesign too.

Mapstraction now supports MultiMap and Map24, in addition to OpenStreetMap, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

There’s even experimental support for Poly9 FreeEarth .. that’s 3D mapping through mapstraction!

Features. There’s cross API support for “marker filters”, which will change visibility of markers depending on set criteria, like a time or numerical range, tag, etc. This is a concept I’ve developed with MultiMap, which supports it natively, and Mapstraction adds a subset of their functionality to the others. This is a really killer feature I think, something loads of developers implement repeatedly. The mapstraction filters demo demonstrates the use of filter for time based navigation.

Georeferenced images can be overlaid on any API using Mapstraction .. great if you have other sources of imagery or maps. This borrows a few ideas from TPhoto.

There’s also now consistent support for GeoRSS and Polylines.

Very shortly we may have more to announce too..