Where and Where Not

Like Dan Catt there are things I will be attending and things I won’t be attending, as is the nature of physical reality. I’ll be in SF for two weeks from Saturday, and really looking forward to the weeks of Geo.

The biggie. I’m a slave to Where 2.0 right now, preparing two presentations and getting things together for launches.

San Jose Convention Center doesn’t sound as glamorous as the Google campus, but I’ll be there.

WhereCamp. This will be an awesome geeky event. I’m not sure about sleeping on Yahoo’s floors, I don’t remember them being that comfortable from all nighters years ago.

HackDay back in London. I have some ideas. Historical OpenStreetMap of London anyone?

State of the Map. The 1st OpenStreetMap conference. I’m speaking on disaster response and OSM.

And I won’t be at..

Google Developer Day London to see Nestoria take the spotlight. Nestoria are great friends to Mapstraction and also now muy fácil para casa en España.

NetSquared “remixing the web for social change”, happening exactly on the days of Where 2.0. Would have loved to talk to the people from Maps 2.0 – Geospatial Tools for Nonprofits and Humanitarian Relief.

International Symposium on Digital Earth A more government and academic crowd .. it looks interesting, and I still wouldn’t mind lurking there, but had no reserves to get involved.

OpenStreetMap Amsterdam Party and Holland Open Source. Especially disappointed on this one, had a great time in Amsterdam at XTech last year and have made contacts in Amsterdam for the OpenStreetMap Baghdad Project

London to Brighton Bike Ride I’ve wanted to ride from London to Brighton forever, but am not a very good fund raiser. Guess I can go on any other normal, but I like being with the pack.