Hacking Google Street View

We did some completely useless hacking Google Street View at WhereCamp on Yahoo’s campus. This is nice .. Google will have good mornings tomorrow with loads of strange requests in their logs from yahoo (evil neatness).

Greg Sadetsky cracked Street View a couple hours after the announcement at Where 2.0. It was pretty easy and comprehensible .. almost as if the Google engineers wanted it hacked. I’m sure they did.

There were loads of awesome ideas .. Grand Theft Auto ala Street View, and tricks to insert any panorama imagery into the viewer. That didn’t happen yet, but keep watched. Lots of stuff did happen around 3am this morning.

Google Street View in Upcoming

I took GeoRSS feeds from Upcoming, grabbed lat/long and associated that with a panoid via the RESTful “api” and pulled down the images (all that in a Ruby script) and then uploaded the panos to flickr with machine tags, via a perl script from Rich Gibson. A machine tag like “upcoming:event=200485” does magic stuff behind the scenes, those photos automatically included in upcoming pages. The upshot is that photos of venues are automatically added to Upcoming events .. and I think the 2nd Annual WebKit Open Source Party is going to be awesome since they’ll be enjoying these great panos on their upcoming event page.

Greg from Poly9 really pushed the technology above and beyond. Took panos, ran through facial recognition software, and added mustache and hat to everyone. GHATS. This should resolve all privacy concerns. .. Okaaay he really didn’t do it, but the idea is free for Google to implement if they take too much heat over this. Greg also built a handy street view debugger.

Google Street View in worldKit

Tom Longson built a database of panoramas in San Francisco, for future ease of hacking. And demo’d with a visualization containing only street view, no streets, in worldKit .. liberation! .. posted that to http://igargolye.com/streetview/. The original demo was bulit on Google Maps, but that couldn’t handle more than a couple hundred markers .. but that was pretty sweet since he had completely improved Google Maps by hacking in support for Google Street View (um right).

Google Street View on the Phone!

And we have Street View on the phone from Markus of uLocate, the builders of the awesome Where platform.

4 thoughts on “Hacking Google Street View”

  1. http://www.virtualtourism.blogspot.com/ has managed to hack street view. They have a Google Gadget with a daily street view (it is still interactive, so you can zoom in and walk around). It also has a developer Google Map that has street view embedded.

    It has done all this by hacking the flash embed code of street views.

  2. where do we find the API to develop the Street view?I search and i am not sure that Google has released it.. for the developers..?

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