2007 Year in Review

First excuses. It’s totally self indulgent, self congratulatory and a little self pitying. Keyed off inelegant mashings of centuries of calendaring, ie not tied to seasonal significance, and really new-ity can be pursued every day or any moment. But I see many year in reviews, including the guy I worked closest with last year. And I feel compelled to write one, and this is my weblog, right.

2007 was amazing. And completely terrible in one big way. I don’t usually talk about personal stuff here, forever on the internet. So I won’t, but if you want to hear more about it let’s drink a few beers and then I’ll recount the whole damn thing. I’m a bit rootless now, but that’s a good thing, and I’m reconnecting with my family and friends, which is lovely and I received the kindest support from them. Anyway, back to internet optimism. Worked on lots of interesting projects, met many people, travelled, made great change, and had a good time .. what more can you ask for?

OpenStreetMap was a big focus and vehicle. Brighton is mapped, I know the town inside and out. We printed posters and had a party with the mayor and got OSM in a book. I spoke all over Brighton and met folks. And accepted my true geekhood, attaching a clipboard to my bicycle handlebars. OpenStreetMap took me to Geneva for Lift 07, really mind opening and good fondue. Spent a week in Rome with OpenStreetMap and ancient history. And again to Italy, to Tyrol, which was beautiful and entirely welcoming, and received a donation of all of Merano’s geodata, and then Venice for the Bienalle. Liverpool too, and Manchester for State of the Map. I joined the OpenStreetMap Board, and negotiated our first edit war in Cyprus. And plans are in the works to take me and OpenStreetMap to new continents.

Mapufacture incorporated. The vision is coming together, we have plans. Flowing contracts through it. Andrew and I made several big pushes, including a neverending sprint at UMI’s offices. Mapufacture worked with the OGC and UNDP. GeoRSS was supported by Google, and I did a little dance. And I declared GeoRSS is like breathing air at Where 2.0. I spoke at Where 2.0 on Weaver House after spending much pleasurable time researching dusty documents in the Tower Hamlets archive and wandering Shoreditch; and also spoke about my work with the Ordnance Survey. Shared the stage with Andrew at Web 2.0 Expo and Location Intelligence in a marathon week, and had the best dinner of the year at Minako.

I’m now a vegetarian, sometimes pescatarian. Practising yoga daily. I feel better than ever.

Did nothing for my carbon footprint. I don’t foresee kicking my travel habit at all in 2008. Spent two weeks in India. Finally drove around the Norwegian fjords and Lapland. Snowboarded in the Swiss Alps. Flew to the states four times for stuff. Munich for Oktoberfest. The Italy trips. Slovakia for UN work.

Two incredibly demon flus. First after Oktoberfest, Oktoberflu .. entirely expected after 2 days of shared drunkenness and entirely well earned. Another after santacon, and again, a well earned illness, believe me.

Worked on two BBC projects, the Bangladesh Boat Journey and Every Square Mile. Haven’t talked about ESM yet, but a very interesting project and finally an opportunity to work with Headshift. Worked with Urban Mapping and the Ordnance Survey. Started a very interesting contract with the UNDP on wikis and social networking at the UN. PlanningAlerts got a big push out. OAM happened. I thought more about mapping and disasters, and collected my thoughts for State of the Map, and created some buzz about Katrina and Route 90. Hacked Google Street View at WhereCamp, and just hung out at FOSS4G. Spent way too much time pitching for a certain event happening in east London in 2012, which we may or may not actually work on. Finally did kite aerial photography at DorkCamp. Hacked the iPhone to show OpenStreetMap. Oh yea, bought an iPhone, the best gadget I’ve ever had.

The only really tough work thing was NASA. A dream job doing disaster response system development, which dematerialized in the end.

That was 2007?! Pretty nice and pretty hard. Here’s to a 2008 even more engaging!