Pune, yesterday

The impressive first day of work was offset by some hiccups on day 2. Jetlag and hard work caught up with me, and I had to rest off a minor fever yesterday (everything is fine this morning!). Our plan for yesterday was to do a dry run of the OSM workshops with the crew from Indictrans, Schuyler took charge on this, and it’s good thing we did. The SD cards supplied with our NaviGPS units were not compatible, a known problem, but I had figured that the distributor would know enough to send the right cards, and I was wrong. There’s also a bit of tedious setup required for each unit, which needs double checking. So this morning we’re doing some shopping for SD cards, wherever they can be bought in India (no Best Buy).

On the positive note, the participants took very detailed useful notes as they surveyed, and we figure that even without the GPS traces, it should be possible to reconstruct their data. The Yahoo imagery over Pune is detailed enough for this. And it’s possible that the unit’s internal memory recorded the data, and we can salvage from there. So another task for today.

The AND India data was imported on Monday, and Mumbai looks good, but the roads over Pune are off by 200m in some points. We’re not sure what the cause is, perhaps the creation of this data was not done in the most methodical fashion. So we’ll do a bit of an investigation, and see if AND can provide any guidance.

Tonight we travel to Mumbai, and tomorrow we hold the workshop. So also going to polish off my OSM presentation and include new relevant developments for India.

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  1. Sir,
    I read ur blog. It was interesting but I failed to understand it completely. I only knew that it is a sort of new technology that is being created.

    I work here in a reputed newpaper. I would be plesed to know further about u, your work and this project.

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