California Fires were Baja California Fires too

On Saturday, I attended Guinevere Harrison’s thesis talk on Neogeography. It’s interesting to see the work of our “field” contextualized for an art criticism audience. Of course, the links between neogeography and art criticism go deep, with Locative Media fostering us techies in the early days, particularly Ben Russell of the Headmap Manifesto.

One shocking item Guinevere discussed was the wildfires last fall. The fires and ash didn’t stop at the border.

Baja California Fires

I never heard about this. Tragic that our media, especially the bottom up media, totally failed to get this message out, and that a political border led to a conceptual divide. The environment doesn’t pay intention to our nationalistic designs on the earth.

3 thoughts on “California Fires were Baja California Fires too”

  1. It’s important to note that the fires south of the US-MEX border were not nearly as catastrophic and widespread as the ones north of the border. Research (much of it by Rich Minnich and his students at UCR) has shown this is primarily because of differences in suppression tactics north and south of this border. Basically suppression is non-existent in Baja (for obvious reasons), and so the fires that occur down there are usually small and do not develop into conflagrations as they do up here.

    Just FYI.

  2. I should be more clear; … because of lack of suppression tactics south of the border, there are lots of little fires which clear out the fuel on the ground, instead of letting it sit and spark up big fires.

    The long and short of it is that you dont hear about fires down there because they don’t develop into raging infernos since there is never very much fuel on the ground at one time.

  3. Jeffrey — thanks for elucidating the subtleties here. Sometimes we do run scientific experiments with our planet.

    Even though the fires were not of the same magnitude in Mexico, I still contend there is a conceptual block here. Just having returned to the US from living in Europe for four years, I’m very surprised at how little cross-border understanding there is.

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